What to expect from physiotherapy?

We often get asked “why should I see a physiotherapist”. Physiotherapists are allied health professionals that are skilled at assessing, diagnosing and treating a range of injuries and medical conditions, from lower back pain and knee pain to headaches and nerve symptoms. We can also help with exercise goals, sports performance and recovering from surgery […]

Back to school with the right backpack principles

With term 1 definitely into full swing, it is a good time to review your children’s backpacks to ensure healthy wearing habits are forming for the new school year.  I can remember back to when I was in high school in particular, where it was “uncool” if we didn’t slug our backpacks around on only […]

Some Surprising Facts About Posture

Your posture is one of the first things other people notice about you and can affect so much more in your life than just spinal health. Healthy posture has been linked to better respiratory health and has even been shown to affect your confidence. In this blog, we explore a few other surprising facts about […]

Why ‘physically active’ jobs don’t count for ‘physical activity’

We often see patients in the clinic who work physically demanding jobs, but this doesn’t always seem to correlate with their physical health and fitness. I guess if makes sense, if that were the case, why weren’t all farmers, mechanics or builders ripped and toned? Holtermann et al have looked into the difference between ‘Occupational Physical […]

Shoulder Labral Tears – (SLAP Tears)

What is it? A ring of flexible, fibrous connective tissue, known as the glenohumeral labrum, surrounds the shoulder joint. This labrum increases the stability of the shoulder while allowing for the required flexibility of one of the bodies’ most sophisticated joints. One well-known muscle of the arm, the biceps, has an attachment directly into the […]

Physiotherapy Treatment for Osteoarthritis

Have you often heard of osteoarthritis being described as a “wear and tear” condition of the joint? It is a common misconception that osteoarthritis is a condition-based only on heavy or repetitive loads going through the joints over years and years of our working and recreational lives. This would imply that only people working in […]

Should I Be Resting More?

There’s always a vibrant hum in the gym in the early months of the year. Everyone has set goals and resolutions to get fitter, faster and stronger. It’s usually a case of more training, or an increase in intensity in the hope of quicker results. However, there’s one important factor that might get you to your […]

Four Surprising Reasons Why Your Pain Is Not Improving

Most tissues in the body have healed completely in six to 12 weeks following an injury, however, many people have severe pain that lasts much longer than this. We know that the intensity of the pain you feel is not always associated with a similar amount of damage. In some cases, there can be a […]

Do we need to cool down after exercise?

After exercise, do you cool down? Go for a light jog after an event or game, do a couple of slow laps in the pool or a walk after a training session? Many of us do a short period of light to moderate intensity exercise after a more intensive bout in the belief that it will […]

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