Tendon Pain

Matt Lewington from Enhance Physiotherapy Albury Wodonga speaking about tendon pain and how to best treat tendons to get you back achieving your goals faster! Whether it be your achilles, patella tendon, lateral hip, shoulder or elbow – tendon pain can be very debilitating when it comes to achieving your goals and participating in your […]


*** SPORTS TAPING COURSE *** Saturday the 4th of November 9.00am – 11.00am Located at the Enhance Physiotherapy Clinic: 550 Smollett St Albury. Ideal for sports trainers heading into preseason. Please contact the clinic on 02 6041 3609 to secure your place. Learn from physiotherapists working in the sports field!

“The Envelope of Function”

As physiotherapists who work closely with sports teams and the Australian Defence Force, a fair proportion of our work consists of loading issues.   “The Envelope of Function” is a great analogy, when discussing injuries related to loading.  If the load fits within your “Envelope of Function”, you will have a normal loading and tissue […]

A tour of our clinic, with Matt and Nathan showing the way!

Watch our clinic tour! Click on the link to go straight to video


Do you suffer from Headaches?

Headaches are one of the most prevalent conditions in society! They cause missed days at work, unproductive days due to clouded judgement and thinking, irritability, low moods, and most importantly, negatively affect your quality of life. It’s common for headache sufferers to bounce between various disciplines, often struggling to get any answers or any relief. […]

Vestibular Rehab

Imagine if the room started spinning every time you moved your head. For people with vestibular problems, this is a reality. But there is good news: vestibular rehabilitation therapy can help! This type of physiotherapy helps to retrain the brain and restore balance. It can be life-changing for people who suffer from vertigo, dizziness, and […]

Hamstring Rehabilitation

Hamstring rehabilitation. With footy pre-season commencing, hamstring injuries become more prevalent.  It is just not the older guys that are getting injuries! Too often we see a very basic rehabilitation for hamstring injuries.  We feel this is linked to such a high reoccurrence rate.  Each injury is different and requires an individualised program.  A simple […]

Running Assessments

Our team at Enhance Physiotherapy Albury-Wodonga are highly skilled in the management of running injuries.  Being runners ourselves, we know the full effect injury has on our physical and mental health. We find that most people are taught to kick a football, or swing a golf club, but not many are taught a correct running […]

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