Spring is here!

With the beautiful spring weather just around the corner, it is a popular time to start running or ramping up that fitness regime. Common goals to start running/exercising during the warmer seasons are for fitness, weight loss and health. Or maybe you are training for a certain event or time/distance that you would like to […]

Imaging findings for the lower spine

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints of musculoskeletal pain. Everyone is likely to have known someone or has experienced lower back pain themselves at one point in their life. The spectrum of severity of lower back pain can vary greatly and can impact physical, occupational, psychological and lifestyle factors. A percentage […]

Hip Impingement!

Hip pain is a common issue we see here in the clinic. Patients can complain of a ‘pinching’ when doing things like squats, getting in and out of the car or just simply sitting in a soft chair or crossing their legs. Now just because you get a pinch in the hip every now and […]

R U OK in these trying times??

With the current COVID-19 Restrictions implemented on and around the border, it can be a very trying time for the majority of us. Where we were promised that we could go about our daily lives as part of our border community, recent changes to the restrictions have caused no end of angst and anxiety for […]

The link between Physical and Mental Health

Following on from Sarah’s video last week discussing Chronic Pain, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the link between Physical and Mental Health. The importance of mental wellbeing for overall physical health is very clear. In our increasingly busy and current uncertain modern world, it is particularly important for us […]

Acute Wry Neck

Have you ever woken up with an inexplicably stiff and painful neck that will only turn to one side? You might have been suffering from acute wry neck, a painful condition following a typical pattern of symptoms. In the clinic, wry neck is classified as one of two different types – Facet or Discogenic wry […]

Joint Hypermobility

Generalised joint hypermobility (GJH) sometimes referred to as hypermobility syndrome refers to increased or excessive joint movement and is typically seen in multiple joints. The Beighton scale is a scoring system developed to identify those with GJH (see attached). An individual is hypermobile if they score 5 or more out of 9. In most cases […]

Replacing your running shoes

Running shoes are a vital component towards creating a comfortable and safe running experience. The variety in shoes span far and wide with every manufacturer creating their own designs, styles, and fit. Despite ongoing advances in shoes, none of them last forever. Knowing when to retire and replace your runners can help improve your running […]

De Quervain’s tenosynovitis – Thumb injury

The most common injury to occur at your thumb is called De Quervain’s tenosynovitis. A bit of a mouthful! A tenosynovitis is an inflammation of the fluid within a sheath that surrounds a tendon. Often, we describe the tendon sheath as glad wrap material around a tendon which protects the tendon and helps the tendon […]

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