COVID-19 Update – What measures are we taking?

As everyone is acutely aware, the recent development of the COVID-19 virus has taken our world on a rapid roller coaster ride in preparation for what could be a significant local outbreak. Luckily, there have been no confirmed cases in the local Albury Wodonga region, but this is not to say that we have dodged a bullet yet. There is a very real chance that the virus will spread throughout the country, so we here at Enhance Physiotherapy are making some changes to minimise the impacts and ensure you get the safest best practice when you come to any of our clinics.

We have heard from some of our patients and from people within the community a reference to the COVID-19 as being “just another cold or flu”.  It is true that there are significant numbers of fatalities each year from the flu, but the difference is there are generally vaccines that the population can take to develop a herd-immunity to the most prevalent strain likely to impact each region in each year.  This is not to say that once you have had the flu vaccine that you are immune to the flu – there continues to be numerous strains that can affect the population at any given time.

Here at Enhance Physiotherapy, we are taking measures to prepare for the upcoming risk of COVID-19 coming to the border.  From next Monday:

  • Our physiotherapists Nathan Sceriha and Dave Rossiter will be working out of our Wodonga Clinic.
  • Our physiotherapists Matthew Lewington, Chris Oats, Sarah Hamilton and Simon Yoon will be working out of the Albury Clinic
  • Jessica Lewington and Martin Webster will be continuing to work out of our Wagga Clinic.

At this stage, it will be business as usual at all clinics.  As discussed in our latest video from Ben Miles, we are maintaining our normal strict policy on cleaning and hygiene and would appreciate anyone who is feeling unwell to reschedule their appointments.  However, we do have the opportunity to consult via telehealth for our existing clients if required.  Speak to your physiotherapist about what this may involve at your next appointment.

For more information on the COVID-19 virus, please refer to this information video from the World Health Organisation.

Further factual information can be obtained from the WHO website.



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