How can I complete my physiotherapy appointment online?

Wow, what a start to the year… COVID-19 has certainly caused a lot of disruption over the past few months to everyone’s life in one-way or another. You may have been questioning howor ifyou still wanted to see your local GP or Physio in the current environment with the increased risk of being exposed to the virus, despite the need for ongoing need for management and treatment.

You may have seen or heard the term “telehealth” being used a lot lately throughout the medical and allied health world. Telehealth refers to completing your consultation through an online video rather than an in clinic face-to-face appointment.

Did you know that many Physiotherapy clinics had these services available and were using them very successfully prior to COVID 19? It has always been a great way to provide those living in rural and remote areas a high level of health care. At Enhance Physiotherapy prior to COVID -19 we have completed these consults with our patients whilst they are travelling the world or on holidays interstate to ensure they continue to receive the highest level of care despite their location.

There has been a lot of research around the delivery of telehealth to ensure it is a safe and effective way to manage/ treat particular conditions. This research has demonstrated that it can be very effective with fantastic patient outcomes.

At Enhance Physiotherapy, we make Telehealth appointments comfortable, easy and SECURE. Enhance Physiotherapy DO NOT use sites such as “Zoom” or “Skype” which have been known to be easily hacked and insecure. We use end to end encrypted video link software to provide your online consultation so you can rest assure knowing that it is completely safe and confidential.
How can I complete my physiotherapy appointment online? - Enhance Physiotherapy

Firstly, your Physiotherapist will contact you to discuss your condition and determine your suitability for Telehealth. If you are suitable, you will be booked in as a “Telehealth” consultation. From there, you will receive a link via email or as a text. You simply click the ”link” provided and it will take to you the Enhance Physiotherapy virtual “waiting room”. Your Physiotherapist will see that you are “waiting” and invite you to join the consult. As simple as that!

These consults can be completed on you smart phone, tablet or computer so you can consult anytime, anywhere!! Not only do you get to see your Physio face to face over the video – there are features that allow a white board for drawings, sharing of exercises and information with a simple click of the button.

All of our Physiotherapist’s at Enhance Physiotherapy are trained to consult successfully via telehealth. Our Physiotherapists’ will review your individual case to determine weather an online consultation is suitable. We think you will be surprised at just how many injuries/illness’ can be treated and managed affectively through this method. Give us a call today to discuss!



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