Concussion Management

Our physiotherapists have undergone extensive concussion management training which allows them to implement strategies to ensure a full and safe recovery.

Our physiotherapists will work with you and your family, doctor, school, work and coaches to implement a gradual and progressive return to learn/work and return to sports program. They will address any concurrent problems arising from a concussion including neck injuries, vestibular impairments or metabolic issues.

We can work with your sporting teams to implement club wide pre-screening assessments. This is the safest way to ensure that the recommendations post-concussion lead to a responsible and safe recovery. Never mind if you don’t have a baseline test, our team are well equipped to assess and treat your concussion even without the baseline information.

Our team have the facilities and training to:

  • Complete baseline testing (pre-concussion screening)
  • Concussion assessments
  • Implement treatment strategies for safe return to sport

If you would like to book your club in for baseline concussion testing, or if you require management following a concussion, please call or experienced team or book online.

We are open to offering club presentations regarding concussions including what to look for, how to immediately manage and what treatment options are available. If you would like to discuss this service further, please call our friendly team and they can offer you further individualised information.

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