Floatation Therapy

The Sensory Deprivation Tank or ‘Float Tank’ is the perfect way to relax and heal, restricting you from many of the environmental factors that provide stress and fatigue to your mind and body. The floatation tank, being packed with hundreds of vitamins and minerals also provides minimal sensory stimulation which:

  • Assists with chronic pain management
  • Enhances recovery for injuries and post training
  • Relieves muscle aches, pains and inflammation
  • Assists with anxiety and depression
  • Increases clear brain activity, creativity and focus
  • Decrease stress levels and fatigue, Improves sleep
  • Boosts immune function

The floatation therapy at Enhance Physiotherapy offers a tailored approach to each client with options such as personally selected music, lighting and even after float beverages being tailored to your preference.

When you arrive for your initial appointment, our friendly staff will collect your details and talk your through the floating experience, showing you through the floatation facility to ensure that you are as confident and comfortable as possible.

Floatation Therapy - Enhance Physiotherapy

The options for our floatation appointments are:
30 minutes – $40
45 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $60

*Our floatation experience includes showering facilities, as well as linen for your convenience, please allow extra time for showering before and after your float*

Please contact our clinic if you have any further questions!

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