Pre and Post-Operative Rehabilitation

The success of your recovery from surgery is not only dependant on the surgery itself but also your pre and post-operative rehabilitation.

Pre-operative rehabilitation is the stage leading into your surgery and is a vital component to anyone wanting to optimise their recovery post-op. The goal of pre-operative rehabilitation is to be well-conditioned to elevate and accelerate your post-operative rehabilitation.

Often your post-operative rehabilitation will begin as an inpatient with hospital staff. Following discharge post-operative rehabilitation is important component to your recovery, individualised and specific rehabilitation ensures you achieve the best possible outcome from your procedure and minimises the risk of complications.

Here at Enhance physiotherapy your rehabilitation will be individualised depending on the procedure performed and your personal rehabilitation goals – be it return to sport, work or to pain free everyday activities. Your rehabilitation experience at Enhance Physiotherapy will include but not limited to a combination of education, advice, manual therapies and exercise.

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