Running Assessments

Running related injuries are a common complaint that requires a particular management approach.

We believe in tailoring our assessment and treatment to cater towards your needs which is why we’ve developed an assessment protocol to address these injuries. Running is a learned skill and requires particular attention to an individual’s loading program and movement patterns. Running assessments can be suitable for any runner of any skill level from the casual runner to ultramarathoner.

The primary aim is to guide clients through their injury while striving towards their goals. We are offering a 1-hour initial consultation in order to develop a specific management plan for each client. Follow up appointments will be 30 minutes.

The initial consultation will also include: 

  • Comprehensive history 
  • Obtaining your running training routine and goals 
  • Running biomechanics gait assessment and video analysis 
  • Running metric analysis through the dorsaVi sensor technology 
  • Running gait retraining techniques if required 
  • Injury treatment and management strategies 

It is recommended that clients wear comfortable activewear and running shoes for the running assessment. If you wear orthotics, then please bring them as well. 

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