Stretch and Mobility Class

When I travelled with the ACT Hockey teams to Nationals I was responsible for running our ‘morning walk and stretch’ sessions. Asking 18 under 21 year old athletes to ‘stretch’, without clear direction, failed miserably and you can only do so many standard calf and hamstring stretches without getting bored. Instead, in an attempt to engage my young athletes in mobility work I developed a yoga-inspired mobility session. They loved it so much that I thought it would be a shame not to share it with others. Especially when so frequently throughout the day I treat patients that confess to ‘not doing enough stretching’. Stretching doesn’t have to be boring – come and test out our stretch and lengthen classes to see for yourself!

Stretch and Mobility Class - Enhance Physiotherapy

Figure 1: Under 21’s Hockey Nationals 2017 Morning ‘Walk and Stretch’ – Kiama

What to bring – wear clothes that can easily stretch. Tights or trackies on the bottom half and a t-shirt or jumper that isn’t restrictive on the top half. It will be a no shoes occasion! We will supply the mats. Feel free to bring a water bottle!

What to expect –  We’ll move slowly but surely through a series of postures and stretches. Spending time in each stretch so we can get the most out of it. Each movement can be modified to accommodate for sore knees, sore backs or other aches and pains. The class is not designed to be high intensity. You might experience slight discomfort but should not be experiencing pain. We will target the full body, paying particular attention to the spine and the hips – the areas we tend to neglect when we spend long periods of the day sitting. And you’ll leave feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready to tackle your afternoon activities!

Stretch and Mobility Class - Enhance PhysiotherapyStretch and Mobility Class - Enhance Physiotherapy



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