What to expect from physiotherapy?

We often get asked “why should I see a physiotherapist”. Physiotherapists are allied health professionals that are skilled at assessing, diagnosing and treating a range of injuries and medical conditions, from lower back pain and knee pain to headaches and nerve symptoms. We can also help with exercise goals, sports performance and recovering from surgery or work related injuries.

So what can a physiotherapist offer?

Physiotherapists spend time getting to understand you as a person. Asking what you do for work, what hobbies or sport do you enjoy, what do you do at home. This provides us a holistic view of your life. They take the time to complete a thorough assessment of your injury to determine a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan with the aim of long term recovery and prevention of future episodes. We pride ourselves on looking at the individual and their goals, not just the injury.

What might treatment include?

Depending upon the injury or condition treatment will vary. Hands on treatments such as massage, dry needling and joint mobilisation may be used in the early stages along with other modalities such as taping and bracing. Exercise is almost always involved to restore movement, strength and function. In addition, physiotherapists are passionate about empowering people to improve their health and take control of their recovery. As a result, tools to support self-management and education is also a common part of your treatment plan.

How do I go about seeing a physiotherapist?

You do not need a referral from your GP to see a physiotherapist. You can call or book online to make a time with any of our experienced practitioners to find out how we can help improve your pain and better your health. Rebates from private health insurance are available.

What to expect from physiotherapy? - Enhance Physiotherapy



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