Last week we posted a video on our Facebook page of an incredible 84 year old woman who is completing strength training exercises as part of her rehab program following muscle tears in the shoulder.

Her initial shoulder injury can be attributed to frailty – a condition of weakness that we usually associate with elderly people.

AGE is NO excuse! - Enhance Physiotherapy

Research (systematic review) has looked at the most effective intervention for delaying and reversing frailty once it has been identified.

Different types of interventions looked at including physical activity, health education, nutrition supplementation, home visits, hormone supplementation, and counselling

In over 900 studies and over 15,000 participants the most effective intervention found for delaying or reversing frailty was a combination of strength training and protein supplementation.

So at the end of the day, age is no excuse to be missing out on strength training! If anything – this research highlights how important it is as we get older to stay strong and avoid or delay the impact of frailty.



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