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DOMS – What is it?

Am I injured or just really sore?

Now that footy and netball season are underway there is likely to be a few sore bodies getting around.  But how do you know whether you’re sore or actually injured?

Following exercise our bodies can pull up with a significant level of soreness. This soreness is referred to as exercise-induced muscle soreness or DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). DOMS is thought to be caused from microtrauma to muscular cells and connective tissue – and is usually the result of performing high intensity exercise that our body is unaccustomed to. It usually develops over the first 1 to 2 days following exercise and shouldn’t last more than 7-10 days.  Techniques such as massage, stretching, water immersion or jumping in our float tank can all be beneficial to assist recovery from DOMS.

Acute injuries tend to result from a specific incident during exercise. Pain may be present immediately or soon after finishing in a specific, more localised body part. Sometimes, you won’t be able to continue to exercise at the time the incident occurs. Swelling can be present immediately or soon following, or not present at all. If you have sustained an acute injury it’s best to book an appointment with us at Enhance so we can get you rehabbing properly and get you back to it.


  DOMS Acute Injury
Pain onset 1-2 days following exercise Immediately during or soon after exercise
Pain location Widespread Specific, localised, +/- swelling
Pain duration Less than 10 days Persisting longer than 10 days


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