GLA:D Australia – 2020 in review

2020 certainly packed a punch when it came to our lives surrounding the global Covid pandemic.  A mixture of multiple lockdowns and differences in conditions between states certainly made for some trying times.  However, health care continued throughout the pandemic and the GLA:D Australia team have recently released their Annual Review of the program for 2020.   

It was noted in the report that whilst these results were not compared against a control group and were taken from people who were motivated to improve their lives (thus potentially adding an outcome bias), it is refreshing to see the following outcomes: 

The Participants:  

  • Between January 2018 and December 2020, 7,641 participants had taken part in the GLA:D Program throughout Australia.  
  • 71% of GLA:D participants were female.  
  • Average age of all participants was 65 years old, with the youngest being a 23 year old male and the oldest being a 93 year old female.  
  • 81% of GLA:D participants reported their knee as their primary problem, and 19% reported their hip as the primary problem.   
  • A total of 80% of knee participants and 71% of hip participants were classified as overweight or obese on the BMI scale.   
  •  45% of knee participants and 28% of hip participants had undergone previous surgery before starting the GLA:D Program 
  • 50% of participants were retired, 22% had full-time jobs, 18% had part time jobs and 10% were unemployed or had home-duties.  

The Outcomes: 

  • Average reported knee/hip pain reduced by 33% for knee participants and 27% for hip participants 
  • After the GLA:D Program, 49% of knee participants and 45% of hip participant reported taking less or much less pain relief medication. 
  • For both hip and knee participants, the average number of sit to stands in 30 seconds (one of the outcome measures) raised by 27% from 11 reps to 14 reps after the program 
  • The average walking speed increased by 14% from 1.54 m/sec to 1.74 m/sec in the knee participants, and 12% from 1.54 m/sec to 1.73 m/sec in hip participants.   
  • Participant’s average joint-related quality of life increased by 29% for knee participants and 20% for hip participants

At 12 months post-course:  

  • Knee participants reported an average pain reduction of 31% and hip participants reported an average pain reduction of 30%  
  • Joint related quality of life remained at 36% improvement for knee participants and 30% for hip participants
  • 50% of knee participants and 53% of hip participants reported taking less or much less medication.  
  • 26% of knee participants desired surgery prior to the GLA:D program.  65% of these participants had not received surgery and no longer desired surgery one year after starting the GLA:D program.   
  • 25% of hip participants desired surgery prior to the GLA:D program.  67% of these participants had not received surgery and no longer desired surgery one year after starting the GLA:D program.   

So as can be seen from the above outcomes, a vast range of participants had several measurable improvements by completing the GLA:D program.  With Chris Oberson (who is also a trained GLA:D physiotherapist) joining Dave Rossiter and Sarah Hamilton, we have plenty of availability to assist you in improving your quality of life from the potential negative effects of Osteoarthritis.  

Further information about the GLA:D program can be found at  

Contact Enhance Physiotherapy on (02) 6041 3609 to book your appointment in and start your personal management of your osteoarthritis!



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