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Groin Pain In Athletes

Groin pain in athletes is an umbrella term used to describe pain on the inside of the thigh often associated with sporting activities that involve kicking, skating and change of direction (Thorborg et al., 2018).

The exact cause of groin pain often falls under one of the following categories:

  • Adductor related groin pain
  • Iliopsoas related groin pain
  • Inguinal related groin pain
  • Pubic related groin pain
  • Hip related groin pain
  • Other causes of groin pain

Tests including range of movement, neuromuscular control, muscle strength, palpation, functional tasks, balance, orthopaedic tests and occasionally diagnostic imaging are utilised by healthcare professionals to assess and differentiate between the various known causes of groin pain (Thorborg et al., 2018).

Management of groin pain in athletes often involves:

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Supervised active training programs
  • Load management
  • Functional re-training
  • Motor control
  • Manual therapy

Our team at Enhance Physiotherapy are experienced in assessing and managing groin pain in athletes ensuring you return to sport in a safe and timely manner.


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