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Neck Pain – stretch or strengthen?

Neck & Back Pain – what causes it?

We see a lot of people in our clinic who complain of neck and upper back tightness. Often, this is a result of a lack of muscle strength in the muscles whose job it is to hold our head up throughout the day.

Your head weighs between 7-9% of our total body weight! This can equate to roughly 5kg or more depending on your size. This essentially means our neck muscles need to be strong enough to hold 5kg (or more) for the entire duration of the day, and back it up, day in day out.

Historically, it was thought that our neck muscles got tight are sore when we were using them too much, and that all types of strengthening exercises such as shrugging were to be avoided at all costs and that stretching was the only way to manage the pain. Now, it is apparent that strengthening exercises such as shrugging are a very effective way to develop an adequate level of strength that actually solves the underlying problem rather than treating the symptoms.

Our Physiotherapist’s are experts at differentiating between a ‘’tight’’ or weak muscle and can ensure that you are prescribed an individualised exercise program that will work for you!

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