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At Enhance Physio we believe everyone deserves to live their best life. We provide a vast range of general and specialised Physiotherapy treatments to help you move and live better. No matter who you are, you’ll be welcomed to the Enhance family by our skilled, professional and compassionate team who don’t just want to make your injuries better – they want to make you better.

Physiotherapy Services

At Enhance Physiotherapy we understand that different conditions and injuries require different methods to help resolve them. For this reason, we offer additional specialty physiotherapy services to help with certain conditions.


We help you with general physiotherapy support including back, neck and spinal pain, before and after surgery (Pre and Post-Operative Physiotherapy), Paediatric Physiotherapy and Sports Physiotherapy.

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Specialist Physiotherapy Services

We can support you with specialist physiotherapy including Neurological Rehabilitation, Vertigo or Vestibular (inner ear) Physiotherapy, strength programs, TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint or jaw) physio, dry needling and chronic or persistent pain.

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Occupational Physiotherapy​

We provide a range of Occupational Physiotherapy services including on-site workplace physiotherapy services, pre-employment assessments, early intervention programs, and workcover physiotherapy to help ensure that your staff are healthy and able to do their best work.

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Exercise Programs

At Enhance Physio we offer exercise programs to help you get better. These include the Good Living with Arthritis: Denmark (GLA:D) Program, concussion management, pain management, hydrotherapy, and running assessments, and Exercise Physiology.

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 Strength and Conditioning

Improve your strength and conditioning with our fitness programs, pre-season screenings, gait assessments, and junior athlete development, and running assessments.

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Additional Services

We offer additional services to help you get better. These include being a registered NDIS provider, delivering home visits, floatation therapy, as well as casting, splints and orthotics.

Don’t suffer quietly. Book an appointment today and our team of hands-on Physiotherapists will provide you with the most effective treatment techniques to help you overcome your pain or injury and improve your physical wellbeing.

We're Your Local Lavington Physiotherapist Clinic

Why Choose Enhance Physio?

We care about you, your family and our community. No matter what your injury or condition is, you will be welcomed to the Enhance Family by our exceptionally skilled, professional, and compassionate team. We’ll work closely with you to develop a structured healthcare plan which exceeds your expectations. We want to do more than just make your injury better or help you manage your pain, we’ll aim to make you better overall.

We support you in many ways from post-surgery to men’s and women’s health, workers compensation, right through to that niggling back pain after gardening.  We treat patients from toddlers through to the elderly and understand the physical demands at different stages of life. No matter what your injury or your age, you will always be provided with a professional approach and a high standard of care.

We treat private patients, WorkCover, NDIS, DVA, TAC and EPC and have staff experienced in sports injuries, back and neck pain, vestibular rehabilitation, women’s health, casting / splinting, and dry needling.

Are you ready to start feeling better? Book online now and choose an appointment time that fits within your schedule. 

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