FitWorker360 Pre-Employment Screening Process

The Fitworker360 assessment model has been carefully crafted over the last 20 years to ensure you hire only those with a perfect fit for your company.

This screening process starts by asking quality questions in order of difficulty, followed by an online physical test used more than 100 thousand times per year at companies across Australia!

We want to provide you with confidence in recruiting the right person for a job-creating a safe and productive workplace. Industry-leading injury detection rate, applicant physical risk rankings, and suitability recommendations on display show how high performing our Fitworker360 assessments are!

With FitWorker360, your company can reduce lost-time injury rates by 100% and cut WorkCover claims in half. This is just one of the many benefits you will receive when using our services!

We Ensure Quality in the Following Ways:

  • All Fitworker360 assessors are qualified AHPRA registered allied-health professionals
  • Full training and testing must be completed before becoming an accredited Fitworker360 assessor
  • The components of our assessment model have been used over 100,000 times and make up a highly validated, data-driven assessment process. This means no discrimination of applicants and a medicolegally defensible process.
  • With the combination of highly experienced assessors and over 100,000 data points, we have to ensure that our assessment isn’t a ‘tick and flick’ process
  • The combination of our physical questionnaire and assessment and GFI psychometric assessment gives us a 360-degree look at your applicants. This industry-leading model gives us insights into the applicant’s physical, mental and behavioural risk profiles.

Your Company Will Benefit By Achieving:

  • A safer, more engaged and happier workplace
  • Decreased workplace injuries and lower premiums
  • Lower turnover, bullying, risky and other anti-social behaviours

FitWorker360 specialises in the following:

  • The industry-leading injury detection rate
  • Physical and mental risk rankings
  • Recommendations on suitability
  • FitWorker360 provides pre, periodic and post-employment medicals, in particular the screening of musculoskeletal issues.

FitWorker360 is a platform that connects employers with candidates and then has them perform pre-employment medical tests within five business days. The results are returned through our world-class software.

Mental Health and Well-being Services

Mental health is a combination of a person’s diagnosed mental illnesses and mental function. Although everyone has a cognitive process, not everyone has a mental illness. The mental process includes those everyday psychological skills of resilience, empathy, safety and non-aggression. Find out more about the Global Functional Inventory (G.F.I).

FitWorker360 services are supported by our user-friendly IT platform, FitWorker Connect. FitWorker Connect is the booking platform that FitWorker360 clients upload candidates to complete employment medical assessments.

It operates 24/7, which allows hiring managers to upload candidates to complete employment medicals.

FitWorker360 provides pre, re and during employment medicals, particularly the screening of musculoskeletal issues. Our leading employment medicals allow clients to hire candidates with peace of mind that they have the best possible person for the job both physically and mentally.

FitWorker360’s risk-based model is an ideal pre-employment screening process to address the common preventable injuries and claims identified by SafeWork Australia. A significant strength of this model is that it detects functional capacity and underlying pre-existing musculoskeletal pathology and risk whilst meeting all legal requirements. The inclusion of our mental health psychometric assessment, the GFI, assists in identifying, managing, and mitigating the likelihood of a severe work-related mental health claim.

FitWorker360 specialises in the following:

  • the industry-leading injury detection rate
  • physical and mental risk rankings
  • recommendations on suitability
  • We have 100% success in providing Health & Safety services that reduce lost-time injury rates and significantly reduce WC claims costs. Furthermore, FitWorker360 has consistently demonstrated improvement in employee retention rates at workplaces up to 29%.

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