Occupational Health Physiotherapy

It is said that the average Australian spends up to 2000 hours at work each year. Unfortunately, no matter what your occupation is, injuries can happen at work. Enhance Physio will support your workers at work through our Occupational Physiotherapy services.  We will treat your workers when they have a workplace injury, implement injury intervention programs, help with Pre-employment Assessments and provide Workcover Physiotherapy.

On-Site Workplace Physiotherapy

With the individual and unique demands and manual handling requirements of every workplace, there is no better way to assess these than having one of our physiotherapists attend your workplace.

Our physiotherapist can work with you and your team to identify any body stressing or manual handling activity that you would like to review and improve.

By steering clear of the “one size fits all” and “what the book says” approach, our physiotherapists can assist in developing specific control measures to reduce the impacts of force on youth team’s bodies and therefore, reduce the likelihood of them suffering a body stressing injury.   

Our therapists are experienced in assessing and addressing workplace demands within offices, working in building/construction, transport, logistics, warehouses and anywhere that you have your frontline workers.   

Our philosophy is that by including your workers in the process of identifying body stressing activities and developing the control measures for these activities, they are more likely to own the control measures and comply with them.  

Pre-Employment Assessments

Our physiotherapists will work with you to identify the core manual handling requirements of the roles you would like to be assessed in a pre-employment assessment.

These can include lifting requirements, ergonomic requirements and any aspect of the roles that impart a body stressing force on your potential employees.

In conjunction with this, we will assess and give feedback on the candidate’s ability to review and modify their own manual handling techniques to improve their efficiency and decrease the potential likelihood of them suffering a body stressing injury.

Early Intervention Program

Enhance Physiotherapy works closely with local companies to keep their workers fit and healthy.

The ‘Early Intervention Program’ is designed to treat injuries quickly, most often the same day as they occur. We find when an injury is treated timely and professionally, often there is no need for progression to Workcover claims and long-term employee absenteeism. Early intervention means Enhance Physiotherapy, the worker, and the company work closely to achieve the best outcome for all parties. Enhance Physiotherapy works closely with local companies including:

  • Woolworths (Stores and distribution centre)
  • Coles
  • Aldi
  • Ron Finemore Transport
  • Bradken Engineering
  • Greenfreight Transport

Workcover Physiotherapy

Enhance Physiotherapy provides Physiotherapy service through Workers Compensation Claims.

We complete functional assessments to guide the recovery process during a close working relationship with nominated treating doctors, the employees, and the workplace. We are also able to provide certificates of capacity for Victorian Worker’s Compensation.

Enhance Physiotherapy also work closely with local rehabilitation providers to assist with a smooth return to work process. Workcover patients must have an up to date referral from their GP and will receive an individualised ‘claim number’ which will allow them to seek physiotherapy appointments paid by the insurer.

How Can We Help You

At Enhance Physiotherapy we understand that different conditions and injuries require different methods to help resolve them. For this reason, we offer additional specialty physiotherapy services to help with certain conditions.

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