What is it?

FAI is a clinical disorder that describes the contact between the femoral head (ball) and acetabulum (socket) of the hip. This process alone does not cause pain however when coupled with vigorous, repetitive, excessive or restricted hip movement pain may occur

How is it diagnosed?

FAI can be diagnosed with a combination of signs, symptoms and imaging.

  1. Symptoms – movement or position related groin pain, clicking, catching, locking, giving-way, hip stiffness, reduced hip movement
  2. Clinical signs – typically restricted hip internal rotation movement and positive impingement signs (as assessed by your physiotherapist)
  3. Diagnostic imaging – x-ray initially to identify any changes in the hip joint shape

What is the best treatment/management?

A physiotherapist led rehabilitation program that aims to improve hip strength, flexibility and control is the best and first line management for FAI. Education as well as life-style and activity modification are also thought to be beneficial (Griffin et al., 2016).


How can we help?

Our team at Enhance physiotherapy are experts in hip rehabilitation and will therefore tailor an individualised program to address the specific factors that contribute to your symptomatic FAI.




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