Recovery During the Sporting Season

Most high-level and elite athletes understand the need to ensure they get adequate recovery each training week to compliment the load in which they are currently training at. However, those of us who compete or play in more recreational sport often miss out on that optimal recovery period.

Recovery is becoming an increasingly important aspect of many sports in a bid to reduce fatigue and enhance performance. An adequate balance between stressors (including training, competition load and other life demands) and recovery is essential for any athlete (elite or recreational) to continue to perform at a high level.

Taking the time to recover during the season does not mean loss of skill or fitness. Recovery can come in many forms and does not always have to be physical. For example, you can break down aspects of recovery into passive, active and proactive approaches.

Passive may include external methods such as physiotherapy for any ongoing niggles or any maintenance, this implements a state of rest characterised by inactivity.

Active recovery such as cooling down after training or partaking in light activities such as swimming or bike riding.

Finally proactive recovery (e.g. social activities such as a yoga class or a bike ride with friends) ensures that you take the time to choose activities that are personally suited to you as an individual.

As we all know majority of winter sports have resumed for the year. As the training load increases and games are a weekly occurrence it’s important that athletes prioritise recovery and incorporate it as part of their training week.

The team here at Enhance Physiotherapy are highly skilled professionals who are able to assist you with any concerns related to your recovery throughout the winter sporting season. We also have float tank and hyperbaric chamber facilities which are readily available and can be used as part of your recovery processes. For more information regarding these you can read about them via the links below or call the clinic for more information.

Float Tank:

Hyperbaric Chamber:



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