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ACL injuries in Women’s Football

The water cooler discussions at Enhance Physiotherapy of recent times has included ACL injuries in the AFLW competition.  We predicted a huge increase in ACL injuries given that female athletes are x5 more likely to rupture there ACL than males due to structural and hormonal differences.

We have noticed in the clinic an increase in 15-18 year old girls entering with ACL injuries.  It is crucial any girls playing AFLW at all levels should be completing an injury prevention program.  The program should include strengthening, jumping and landing (correct form), as well as quick pivoting movements to help with the readiness to play.

We use a number of different ACL prevention programs.  One of the simplest programs is the Santa Monica PEP program (see below).

If you would like to know more about the ACL and ACL injuries Nathan sat down with local orthopaedic surgeon Mr. Jeremy Kolt to discuss all things ACLs.




PEP Program


Warm Up

· Line to Line jog (1 min)

· Shuttle Run (1 min)

· Backwards Running (1 min)



· Walking Lunges (1 min)

· Russian Hamstrings (1 min)

· Single leg calf raises (1 min)



· Lateral hops over cone (30 secs)

· Forwards/backward hops over cone (30 secs)

· Vertical jumps (30 secs)

· Scissor jumps (30 secs)



· Forwards run with 3 step deceleration (1 min)

· Lateral Diagonal runs (3 passes)

· Bounding run for 50m



· Calf Stretch (30 secs x2)

· Quad stretch (30 secs x2)

· Hamstring Stretch (30 secs x2)

· Adductor stretch (30 secs x2)

· Hip flexor stretch (30 secs x2)

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