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Prehabilitation or widely known as “Prehab” refers to an exercise based program individually designed to either prepare the person for surgery or as a approach of injury prevention in sport, the workplace and or everyday functional activities.



Prehabilitation is affective in maximising function prior to surgery, which further optimises post-operative recovery outcomes. Pre-habilitation aims to regain joint range of motion and muscle strength prior to surgery to improve recovery timeframes and post-surgery outcomes. Benefits of participating in a specialised prehabilitation exercise program prior to surgery include:

  • Restoring normal range of movement,
  • Improve muscle strength,
  • Improve balance and proprioception,
  • Decrease the risk of post-operative stiffness,
  • Maximise postoperative outcomes,
  • Assisting to reduce post-surgical recovery timeframes.

Enhance physiotherapy work closely along side local surgeons to ensure superior treatment and exercise programs are tailored to every individual’s surgical intervention needs.


Prehabilitation is a proactive approach to identifying potential injury risks and addressing these before an injury occurs.

Prehabilitation involves undergoing a pre-screening assessment conducted by your Physiotherapist, followed by the development of an individualised exercise program, which is designed to target the specific deficits identified.

Research demonstrates that exercise programs reduce the risk of injury. There is particular emphasis on the importance of developing and implementing appropriate injury prevention strategies prior to commencing sporting seasons (pre-season).

Our Physiotherapists here at Enhance Physiotherapy can identify areas of the body that are at risk of injury and further develop specific training and prehabilitation programs to assist in preventing sports related and overuse injuries.

Enhance Physiotherapy has developed specialised pre-screening assessment tools that are used to analyse a person’s musculoskeletal condition and complete sports specific testing to assure the person is prepared for the demands of their particular sport.

A pre-screening assessment involves a comprehensive musculoskeletal and functional performance testing including analysis of:

  • Posture;
  • Gait assessment and biomechanics,
  • Muscle length and joint flexibility;
  • Muscle strength, power and endurance;
  • Neuromuscular assessment;
  • Sports specific movement patterns and demands.

Tailored prehabilitation programs are beneficial to assist you with:

  • Achieving correct static and dynamic postures,
  • Correcting muscle length imbalance and flexibility,
  • Improving core stability,
  • Enhancing optimal muscle strength, power and endurance,
  • Improve movement patterns and energy efficiency,
  • Improve balance, coordination and proprioception,
  • Highlighting past and current injuries,
  • Correcting sports specific techniques,
  • Load management,
  • Maximising performance and reducing risk of injury.

Enhance Physiotherapy has the most extensive rehabilitation gym on the border to help with your prehabilitation and reach your goals. We have a wide range of equipment including leg press, knee extension, hamstring curl, Pilates reformer, treadmill, spin bike, free weights, full upper body cable system and plyometric boxes. To further assist your recovery, Enhance physiotherapy is home to the only hyperbaric chamber in the region and also has a float tank to assist with the mental and physical demands of both prehabiliation and rehabilitation.

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